Something from Bob: (07/21/11) BEYOND BELIEF – A CRITIQUE BOB LARSON’S REACTION TO ABC-TV NIGHTLINE LAST NIGHT A strange thing happened on the way to the airing of ABC-TV’s “Beyond Belief” last night. As we alerted our friends, our ministry was supposed to be featured. Last month ABC sent a camera crew to New York to interview me and filmed an amazing exorcism of a woman delivered from a demon of Sexual Sin going back 10 generations. I was told by the producer that several credible Catholic priests would also be interviewed about exorcism. Somehow between my filming and the final product that aired last night, the show took a turn away from actual exorcism to more generic testimonials about the devil, and the featuring of a deliverance ministry that, frankly, embarrassed me as an exorcist. I suspect that my Catholic friends feel the same way. Our ministry was featured in promos leading up to the show, their web site about the show opened with a photo of me casting out demons, and I appeared for a brief microsecond at the start of the program. Other notable Catholic exorcists, whom I was told were also being filmed, likewise failed to appear. There were some stirring testimonials and a few shots of what appeared to be an exorcism, but the priest refused to be identified. Perhaps the highlight was Dave Mustaine, formerly of the death metal rock bands Metallica and Megadeth, sharing the testimony of his conversion to Christianity and admitting the demonic aspects of his

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