Hemroid cream can be used to relieve the severe symptoms that external hemroids cause. Most people suffering from the problem want something fast and to stop the discomfort and pain. A hemroid cream can be used to ease symptoms such as itching and burning. This is all they will do. They only provide relief, they are not a cure.

Hemroid cream can either be prescribed or purchased over the counter. They can be homeopathic, herbal, analgesic, anesthetic or hydrocortisone and you can get them in either a foam or cream form.

Before applying the hemroid cream you want to be sure you fully cleanse the affected area by blotting it with a clean tissue or wipe.

What are the benefits to using a hemroid cream?

It can ease the swelling to the irritated tissues. You can get immediate and temporary relief to the burning, itching and constant scratching that hemroids causes.

One of the herbal extracts found in some creams is Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel has several beneficial uses. It has been known to help with insect bites, poison oak, eczema and inflammation of the skin. In the form of a tea it can help relieve a sore throat and help with diarrhea. It can be used to clean your face, treat boils and even help clear up pimples.

In addition to using a hemroid cream to help alleviate the pain you should drink plenty of water to help flush your system and eat lots of fruits, veggies and foods high in fiber. One of the main causes for hemroids is constipation and straining during bowel movements. Eating a healthy diet and drinking water will help in relieving the symptoms.