Ok i have a hemroid …. Its not all that big or not big enoughf for me to go to the doctor and its no tbleeding but it hurts like crap and im that kida person that worries about everything so i need a home cure that works fast because i work on the weekends and i stand for five hours straight….. talk about pain! anyway yeah somthing that works and works fast b4 i got to the doctor! thanks

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The dilation of arteries in the rectum and anal regions gives rise to hemroid. Though people might think that Hemroids are abnormal, however they are present in everyone. It is only when the Hemroidal cushions enlarge that hemroid causes problems like painful swelling, hard lump around the anus or bright red blood covering the stool. Though there are several medical treatments available today, but the best way to prevent hemroid is to keep your bowel soft so that they are easier to pass. To help reduce constipation and straining you should therefore understand the importance of a balanced diet in your daily life.

The dilation of arteries in the rectum and anal regions causes hemroid. People generally think that Hemroids are rare however they are present in everyone. It is only when the Hemroidal cushions enlarge that this symptom starts causing problems like painful swelling, hard lump around the anus or bright red blood covering the stool. Today there are several medical treatments available, but the best way to prevent hemroid is to keep your bowel soft so that they can easily pass. To help reduce constipation and straining you must therefore understand the importance of a balanced diet in your daily life.

As with any other health problems, Hemroids can also be prevented if you have a healthy diet. Whether you are young or old, male or female, there is a right hemroid diet that you can and must follow. Natural foods like bran, cereal, whole-grain breads, leafy vegetables and fruits are healthy options that you should include in your daily diet. All these items are rich in fiber which is considered to be the best ingredient of a hemroid cure diet since it prevents causing strain in the rectum during bowel movement.

In addition to these you should also take fruits rich in Anthocyanidins (Phytochemicals) because these assist to strengthen the walls of feeble blood vessels and veins of your rectum. Examples of fruits rich in Anthocyanidins are Blackberries, Cherries and Blueberries. In case these are difficult to find, you can then take Bioflavonoids and Vitamin C which are highly present in Citrus Fruits, Buckwheat and some herbal tea varieties.

Another way to prevent hemroid is by avoiding processed food or fast food like breads, pastas and other food items that are rich in oil/fat from your daily diet. You may argue that fast foods are easily available or can be cooked really fast; however they mostly cause long term damage to your body. This is because processed foods usually have very low amount of fiber content which is needed by intestine to pass stool easily.

There are manyhemroid guides available today that will advise you to avoid food that causes indigestion, gas and diarrhea. They encourage you to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to soften your stool and avoid straining. You can also replace water with other natural fluids however avoid aerated beverages, tee, coffee and other energy drinks since all of these will load you with sugar and caffeine which may lead to bloating and flatulence. Having said this, you can drink sports drinks since some of them are loaded with electrodes that are beneficial for your body.

So whether you have hemroid as a result of inactive lifestyle, constipation or hereditary tendency following all of the above suggestions can easily help you cure and even prevent it from recurrence. Since a recent study has shown that adults in the age group of 45 to 65 years have been increasing affected by this symptom the key is to eat all types of food but in moderation. However, do not ignore fibers in your daily diet. You will surely realize that simple techniques like these are able to change not just your current health state, but your future health as well.

How to Cure a Hemroid – Home Hemroid Cure

It could be more tricky for some cases than others, but permanent pile discomfort relief could be a fact for you. Your initial step will be to make certain that you heal your current case of piles. After this is done, you will need to continue to take preventive measures to make it much less likely that piles will come back in the future.

How to cure a hemroid

Curing your current problem can be achieved in different strategies or a mix of ways. One thing you will need to do is ensure that your bowel movements are more easy to pass. Constipation or harder stools will irritate your hemorrhoid problem and cause it to return. Short-term relief can be had with the help of a stool softener such as Colace or a universal brand, but there are fitter, natural options available. Stool softeners shouldn’t be used with regularity, suggesting inflating the fiber content of your diet would be a better path to follow. Internal haemorrhoids may need to be treated with a suppository, but often a topical application of the natural acid Witch Hazel will help a great amount with the swelling and pain.

Once your current problem is clear you’ll want to continue to eat a high fiber diet. This will ensure your overall digestive health throughout your life and keep piles away. Other dietary changes include keeping up your water intake ( always try and drink 8 glasses a day ) and avoiding too many processed foods.

infrequently piles are caused by prolonged sitting, in this situation it will help you to add in some moderate exercise. This may mean adding in a thirty minute walk to your daily schedule at least 3 times per week. At the very least you’ll be wanting to ensure that you don’t remain in a sitting position for more than one hour at a time. Get up to stretch and get the blood circulating and this may help a great deal with your haemorrhoids.

How to cure a hemroid

Many hemorrhoid sufferers have used the full range of cures open to them.

These include ointments, pills and other medicines.

But these approaches tackle the symptoms and not the cause of the pile.

These cures include elastic tie ligation, electrotherapy, injection care, laser and infrared beams, enemas and varied other quite intrusive remedies.

However many sufferers are reporting really good results from natural hemorrhoid cures such as increased intake of fibre in the diet, regular exercise, the use of herbs, sitz baths and a more holistic approach involving changes in lifestyle .

the utilization of icepacks and sleeping with your legs raised can also be effective as well as the utilization of astringents, bidets instead of the standard toilet and relaxing agents such as aloe vera and honey.

The increased intake of fibre in the diet and the consumption of fruit and plants will help melt the subject’s stools thus relieving stress on existing piles. The increased intake of water can also be advantageous as an element of a natural approach to a haemorrhoid cure and there is no real proof the over the counter medications which are freely available are efficient.

Local anasthetics can provide brief relief as can various chemicals but lots of these reliefs are of dubious price and can end up in allergic reactions.

for this reason many folks are turning to natural pile cures involving an overall approach with a slight change of way of living, the use of herbs and increased exercise along with increased intake of water.

If you would like to find a natural hemorrhoid cure then.

If you stop by your local drug store you will find that there are a host of over the counter products designed to treat hemroids symptoms. While these concoctions may or may not cure hemroids, the symptoms can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

Over the counter treatments are as numerous as the number of active ingredients. However, it is difficult to say that one is better than the other due to the fact that they do not all target the same symptom.  Hemroid treatments may typically found in these common forms.

Preparation H is one of the most common ointments for treating hemroids. The Ointment contains Petrolatum 71. Mineral Oil 14%, Shark Liver Oil 3% and Phenylephrine HCl 025%.

Petrolatum lubricates the affected area, mineral oil and shark liver oil are also included to provide the user with varying degrees of relief in particular before and during defecation. 

Phenylephrine is a vasoconstrictor.Vasoconstrictors are a naturally occurring chemical that resembles epinephrine,. When applied to the anal region, vasoconstrictors make the blood vessels become smaller, which may reduce swelling. They also may reduce pain and itching due to their mild anesthetic effect. Vasoconstrictors applied to the perianal area – unlike vasoconstrictors that are taken orally or by injection – have a low likelihood of causing serious side effects, such as high blood pressure, nervousness, tremor, sleeplessness, and aggravation of diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

Again, Preparation H is one of the most prevalent products under the “cream” category. The Maximum Strength Cream contains White Petrolatum 15%, Glycerin 14.Pramoxine HCl and Phenylephrine HCl.25%.Glycerin may help to prevent constipation and is a protectant while petrolatum is a lubricant or protectant.

Protectants form a physical barrier on the skin that prevents contact of the irritated skin with aggravating liquid or stool from the rectum thus preventing irritation of the perianal area. This barrier reduces irritation, itching, pain, and burning. There are many products that are themselves protectants or that contain a protectant in addition to other medications.

Some common protectants include: Aluminum hydroxide gel, Cocoa butter, Glycerin, Kaolin, Lanolin, Mineral oil (Balneol), White petrolatum, Starch, Zinc oxide or calamine (which contains zinc oxide) in concentrations of up to 25%, Cod liver oil or shark liver oil if the amount of vitamin A is 10,000 USP units/day.

Phenylephrine is a vasoconstrictor and Praxomine is an anesthetic that is used on the skin to relieve minor pain, itching, and discomfort. Local anesthetics temporarily relieve the pain, burning, and itching of hemroids by numbing the nerve endings. These products should only be used in the perianal area and lower anal canal. Due to the possibility of an allergic reaction,if burning and itching increase with the application of anesthetics, they should be discontinued.

Anesthetics include: Benzocaine , Benzyl alcohol, Dibucaine, Dyclonine, Lidocaine, Pramoxine and Tetracaine.

Antiseptics: Antiseptics inhibit the growth of bacteria. However, it is unclear whether antiseptics are any more effective than soap and water.

Examples of antiseptics include: Boric acid, Hydrastis, Phenol, Benzalkonium chloride, Cetylpyridinium chloride, Benzethonium chloride, Resorcinol
One of the more popular products under this category are Tucks Medicated Pads. Hemroidal Pads with Witch Hazel helps give temporary relief of external itching, burning and irritation associated with hemroids. Witch Hazel is the active ingredient here. Witch hazel is an astringent produced from thebark of the North American Witch Hazel shrub. Astringents cause coagulation (clumping) of proteins in the cells of the perianal skin or the lining of the anal canal. This action promotes dryness of the skin, which in turn helps relieve burning, itching, and pain.

Astringents include: Calamine, Zinc oxide, Witch hazel

Preparation H suppositories contain Cocoa Butter.5%, Shark Liver Oil 3%, and Phenylephrine HCl 0.25%. Be sure to clean the affected area by patting or blotting with an appropriate cleansing wipe. Gently dry by blotting with a soft cloth before insertion of this product. Detach one suppository from the strip; remove the foil wrapper before inserting into the rectum as follows:

carefully separate foil tabs by inserting tip of fingernail at end marked “peel down” ,slowly and evenly peel apart (do not tear) foil by pulling tabs down both sides, to expose the suppository. remove exposed suppository from wrapper, insert one suppository into the rectum up to 4 times daily, especially after each bowel movement .

A couple of other chemicals that may be used in hemroid treatments are:

Keratolytics: Keratolytics are chemicals that cause the outer layers of skin or other tissues to disintegrate. The rationale for their use is that the disintegration allows medications that are applied to the anus and perianal area to penetrate into the deeper tissues.

The two approved keratolytics used are:

Aluminum chlorhydroxy allantoinate

Corticosteroids: Corticosteroids reduce inflammation and can relieve itching, but their chronic use can cause permanent damage to the skin. They should not be used for more than short periods of a few days to two weeks. Only products with weak corticosteroid effects are available over-the-counter. Corticosteroid products available by prescription should not be used for treating hemroids due to the potentially negative effects.

While these are all commonly used treatments they are not considered a hemroid cure, due to the fact that they do not cure the underlying cause.

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I think i have a hemroid, do i have to see a doctor or can i cure it myself