Cartoon03 – 03 and 02 discover the boy who they want to visit on Planet Earth on Johnny Carson…Barry Sobel! Career making appearance, “That’s how they Getcha!”

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) Starring: Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox Arquette, Sean Young, Tone Loc, Dan Marino Directed by Tom Shadyac

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a guy getting his physical exams. very funny and classic please dont ask where i got it. it was just something i got in an e-mail.enjoy!

Had to upload this because I dnt think its on here Lyrics: Yes my granny is a cripple in Nashville, friends This story I tell you true One day she went out on her wheelchair Never knowing it had a loose screw Well a wheel came off of that wheelchair, friends And on three wheels it trundled away And it trundled right over the edge of a cliff In an old seaside town far away (Country and Western noises) Now the boy who was pushing the wheelchair Was a little blind orphan call Joe And he said, “Oh where is my grannie?” And where did that damn wheelchair go Well he ran off to search for that wheelchair friends But his sightless eyes led him astray And he ran right over the edge of the cliff In that old seaside town far away (Country and Western noises) Well somebody sent for a doctor And an ambulance too, it was called And the people who lived in the neighbourhood Stood around and they cried, how they balled Well the doctor and the ambulance came rushing, friends They were rushing from two different ways And they crashed with a BIFF and shot over the cliff In that old seaside town far away (Country and Western noises) Well they sent for brave Father Maloney To pray for the poor souls repose And he said, “Well now that we’re gathered here, good people” “Well we might as well pray I suppose” But too many people had gathered And the edge of the cliff gave way And they dropped with a yell and they all shot straight to hell In that old seaside town so terribly far away (Country and

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