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Learn about the importance of Ashwagandha, Vitamin D3, and Turmeric in supporting your immunity. Read more at As kids are heading back to school and the weather gets cooler it’s time to make sure your immune system is strong. Dr. Douillard explains the top three tips he uses to keep his 6 kids and patients healthy. Read more details in the associated article at Dr. John Douillard, DC received his Ayurvedic training in India and runs an Ayurvedic retreat center in Boulder, CO.

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Mark & Brian talk to Fabio about his very personel, very embarrassing problem. Fabio is a great friend of M & B and he gets a kick when he hears the sketches they have done poking fun at him.

THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! This is what my Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) dog does when he wants to come into the house.

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