Most of the cures for hemorrhoids available in drugstores are not made to heal hemorrhoids completely but just to give you a temporary alleviation of symptoms. Over- the- counter creams for bleeding hemorrhoids are numerous. Most of them contain additives, dyes, petrochemicals, coloring which enhance the feel and the appearance of the cream. They are applied internally in the rectum by means of an applicator, or rubbed in the affected area in case the hemorrhoids to be treated are external. The chemicals they contain will be absorbed into your organism and create extra work for the organs of elimination which will have to expel them from your body.

What does a hemmorhoid cream contain?

All creams, be it drugstore ointments or natural formulations use as ingredients the following substances:

•    Vasoconstructors – these help to shrink hemorhoidal veins. They usually end in “rine” like phenilephrine.

•    Anesthetics – they suppress sharp pain in the affected area and give a temporary relief. They usually end in “caine” like lydocaine.

•    Keratolytics – these help to eliminate excessive hemorrhoidal tissue and are compounds of salicylic acid and sulfur.

•    Astringents – calamine, zinc oxide and witch hazel most usually. They help tighten back the tissues which have been pushed out by the hemorrhoid enlargement.

•    Analgetics – these give pain relief. Some of them bear the brands Darvocet, Tylenol, Codeine, Anacin, OxyContin.

•    Lubricants – these relieve constipation by providing lubrication of the colon. Lubricant scan be olive oil, castor oil, flax seed oil or different types of mineral oils.

Are the over-the-counter creams for bleeding hemorrhoids really effective?

Most of the creams for treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids contain anesthetics. They can produce a contrary effect to what you desire. Instead of eliminating the hemorrhoid units, they can irritate and aggravate them. That is why, if you are using a drugstore hemorrhoid cream, would better consider the use of a more natural remedy.

It is argued that the effectiveness of the drugstore hemorrhoid creams for bleeding rectal area is under question. As far as the suppositories they contain are concerned, they are able to quickly find their way up the colon and rectum beyond the location of most internal hemorrhoids. That is why they are not much valued for their ability to reduce local pain. They are worthless as antiseptics, too because the areas they are supposed to protect are under constant attack of new bacteria. The anesthetic agents which they contain can give temporary relief of rectal pain and sooth irritation for a while. Neither type of drugstore medication does anything whatever to treat the basic cause for hemorrhoids – constipation.

Alternatives of the cream for bleeding hemorrhoids.

There is not a more efficient remedy for bleeding hemorrhoids than the anti-constipation diet. This diet is rich in fiber-high foods and an increased intake of liquids to help the intestines function properly and have a regulated bowel movement activity. As far as alleviation of pain is concerned, you can use some natural substances which can be used as cream for hemorrhoids, like flax-seed oil and emu oil.

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