But stop, before you do anything thats even more embarrassing in the long run! Consulting with a doctor really will help you cure your hemorrhoids, and if you do it in the early stages of your hemorrhoids, you can get cured even faster. True, hemorrhoids are embarrassing, but they can be treated with a lot of modern medication that will leave you free from pain soon enough. The key to getting the right treatment is to know what hemorrhoids are all about.The best, natural treatment for hemorrhoids is to eat better. This means that you should put a lot more natural fiber in your diet by eating more cereals, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. These can return your fiber levels to maximum, and repopulate the good bacteria in your intestines. Your bowels, in turn, will be softer, and you will find it less painful to defecate. Always keep your rectum lubricated, as this can ease your bowel movement much faster. You can do this by placing some petroleum jelly or aloe gel in the affected area. Do not rub the gel on; instead, swab it slowly and gently with a sterile cotton swab. Avoid scratching the affected area. Use only unscented, non-colored toilet paper that has been moistened beforehand to wipe your behind after you have defecated. For better results, get a bidet and use it to gently spray water onto your anal area and clean it out.Lastly, always consult with your doctor. While there is not always a single cure for hemorrhoids, your doctor can give you even more information on what kinds of treatment you can go through in order to make your situation better. Soon, you can recover from your hemorrhoids, thanks to a combination of natural cures to make you feel better.