Hemorrhoids are classified as internal or external hemorrhoids, deriving their name from their position within the body. An internal hemorrhoid is located within the rectum where it meets the top of the anal canal and external hemorrhoids are located outside of the anus and you can suffer from both types at the same time.
Causes of hemorrhoids
Obesity or overweight: Hemroids is common in over-weight people or obesity patients because these people have to put more pressure on pelvic veins while passing stool.
Lack of physical exercise and body movement: Prolonged sitting in one place causes heat to build up in the anal area, and this can lead to swelling of the veins which we know is one of the contributing factors to hemorrhoids development.
Especially if one is not used to hard physical labor, a sudden increase in physical activity, such as helping a friend move large objects, or lifting heavy items alone, can cause an immediate onset of hemorrhoids. This condition usually leads to the painful itching sensation brought on by the sudden increase in pressure to the area. It usually subsides, if not too serious, by itself, in a matter of days as long as no more heavy lifting is done. The sensation has been unceremoniously described as having the feeling of having something resembling a stick inserted into ones anus.
Our past unbalanced eating routine and lack of fibrous diet may also affects our digestive system and In future may also changes in many digestive diseases like hemorrhoid. Don’t take a risk to use the oily and spicy foods. Such foods chunk the colon and guide to slow bowel movement. So balance your diet and use right quantity of vitamins and minerals.
Hemorrhoid Symptoms
Symptoms of external hemorrhoids can include rectal pain and streaks of blood on toilet paper after having a bowel movement. This is because blood collects under the skin and causes a hard “knot” or “lump” to form, this is due to a hemorrhoid clotting.
Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids can include bleeding in the rectal area, streaks of blood on toilet paper after a bowel movement, and even bright red blood in the toilet following a bowel movement. Internal hemorrhoids can cause itching because of the fact that hemorrhoids seep mucus, which causes irritation and discomfort- in turn, causing itching.
Pain is the most obvious internal hemorrhoids symptoms. This is due to the fact that many of these hemorrhoids actually develop internally and grow out of the anus. Seeing that hemorrhoids are often inflamed and swollen, the muscles around the hemorrhoids often tighten up around them. This can result in an immense pressure that can lead to pain. Just as in external hemorrhoids, the pain that is experienced by internal hemorrhoids can be mild to severe. However, if severe pain is experienced with hemorrhoids that are internal, it is imperative that a person seeks medical care.
Hemorrhoids Treatment
Bioflavonoids are the natural pigments found in fruits and vegetables. There are numerous health benefits that some claim a person can receive from these pigments. One such benefit is that they act as a natural hemorrhoids treatment. Though there have been no reports that have confirmed that claim firmly, that has not stopped many nutritionists from recommending bioflavonoids for those seeking a natural hemorrhoids treatment.
Laser treatment: It is used to vaporize various types of hemorrhoids with the help of tiny lazer beam. This is recommended to cure specific types of hemorrhoids, causes little bleeding, heals quick and less painful than other types.