What are Hemorrhoids?

The vein swelling can affect the part of the anal canal just above the sphincter where it is less well supported and protected causing Internal Hemorrhoids. Or it can affect the veins at the lower end of the canal causing External Hemorrhoids. Either of these types can exhibit the same kinds of symptoms and are generally quite uncomfortable in most cases.

What are the symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

The main symptoms of Hemorrhoids are

You have an itchy anus.

There is a feeling that your bowels are never empty.

What is the treatment for Hemorrhoids?

Some examples of the treatment for hemorrhoids are to eat a lot of foods rich in fibre. This can help to prevent constipation which can aggravate the condition.

From all pharmacies, you should be able to buy some creams over the counter called Corticosteroids which contain a local anaesthetic and will soothe the pain and discomfort. They are not recommended for long term use though.

The first is where a chemical is injected into the hemorrhoid which causes them to shrivel up.

The final option is surgery called hemorrhoidectomy which is only conducted very rarely as less traumatic methods named above are used. This option would normally be used on internal hemorrhoids which are very large.

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