Schedule a Consultation If you have ever suffered from hemorrhoids, you know how important it is to seek hemorrhoid relief as quickly as possible. Although these are usually quite harmless, hemorrhoids can be painful and can lead to serious problems. By getting the treatment you need as quickly as possible, you can reduce your risks of developing serious complications and you can get back to feeling great in a lot less time.
One of the first steps towards achieving hemorrhoid relief is a sitz bath. This is a warm water bath that is very soothing to the afflicted area. Since hemorrhoids are particularly troublesome following a bowel movement, it is recommended to have a sitz bath immediately following one. This has the added benefit of cleansing the area, both soothing the area and reducing the amount of inflammation present.
It is also a good idea to switch the type of toilet paper you are using during a flare-up. Typical toilet paper is quite rough and can be very painful when used on a hemorrhoid. It is recommended that you switch to moist wipes whenever you have a hemorrhoid. This can provide significant symptomatic relief, and once again, you’re working to keep that area clean and free from infection.
Since hemorrhoids can be painful and itchy, it is important to treat these symptoms as well. It is never a good idea to scratch at a hemorrhoid. This can lead to broken skin and a worsening inflammation and possible infection. There are numerous topical treatments, such as Preparation H, that can be used to numb the area, providing relief from itching and burning. This can be found in most stores, and will not require a prescription.
If these remedies do not bring you significant relief, you may need to have a more involved treatment which actually helps to remove the hemorrhoids. This is usually recommended for cases where the condition does not respond to the available over the counter remedies, or if the symptoms keep reoccuring. Most of these treatments are performed in the office, or an outpatient facility, and are usually quite painless with minimal disability.
If you are noticing that you are suffering from hemorrhoids on a frequent basis, or are having other lower intestinal issues, it may be a good idea to see your physician in order to schedule for a colon screening procedure (colonoscopy). These examinations can help your doctor discover any issues that may be causing your frequent flare-ups and they can also help detect this cancer while it is still in the early stages and easily treated.