Hemorrhoids can give nightmares to the people who are affected by it. It is not a disease but something more. It can wreck havoc in to your life. Hence preventing and overcoming hemorrhoids is a must. This thing affects over 80% of the world population and no one can come and declare that hemorrhoids did not affect him at least once in his life. The causes are many but worry not the ways to overcome it are also many and a few of them have been discussed below.

If you were affected by hemorrhoids, then you know the pain and so for you any and every solution would be less stressful and less painful. As all the doctors tell that “Prevention is better than cure” is so very true. If you wish to lead a hemorrhoids free life, then there are certain preventive restrictions, which will keep hemorrhoids away from you for the rest of your life.

1) A beautiful morning walk – Get up early and see the sun rise and rise with it. Then go to the nearest park and enjoy a good morning walk. Nothing revitalizes the body and the mind more that the walk in the morning. This would do you a world of good and your body will thank you for this.

2) Regular Eating habits – Today due to the fast pace of life, people are not eating properly and hence cause their own health to suffer. Make a chart of the time you eat your meals and you would be surprised not to find any similarity between today and tomorrow and yesterday. If you regularize this, then the body will respond positively to it and the digestion will improve and your hemorrhoids would be a goner.

3) Physical Exercise – This is the most important thing, which the people of today seem to neglect. Regular 15 minutes of exercise is all that is required to keep the body fit and all the ailments away. Exercise to a world of good, not only for the body, but also for the mind. This gives you a twin advantage over hemorrhoids, by boosting your immunity and making the body stronger and secondly by lifting your spirits up and thus it gives you mental strength to fight it out.

4) A good night’s sleep – Sleep is the time when the body heals it self. But when we do not give the body enough sleep, it is not able to heal itself properly and so any small ailment also can become big. So sleeping for 6-8 hours a day is a must. This will make sure that all the small hemorrhoids, remain that way if not treat completely.

5) Good Toilet manners – Having good toilet manners is another important preventive measure. You should try and reduce your time on the pot. This can be done by delaying the time you enter the loo i.e. hold on till you are sure you will be able to clear it all. This will make sure to reduce the pressure on the rectum area as the time is reduced.

These are some of the best preventive and measures, which should be adopted in day-to-day living for the desired results.

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