In fact, there are many causes of hemorrhoids and many treatment options are available for you to consider.Correct toilet sitting helps to cure, control and prevent hemorrhoids: One of the most important treatments / preventatives, relates to how you sit on the toilet when doing your number 2′s.In the good old days, people squatted on the ground – we are designed to do our number 2′s squatting. Toilets are designed to be sat on, not squatted on – they were not designed to allow the easy elimination of waste from our body. The more modern toilets, sometimes called squat toilets, are an endeavor to correct this historical mistake in toilet making.However, the vast majority of us have not even seen a squat toilet. So, when using a normal toilet, the professional medical staff at my local hospital suggest that to prevent, or lessen / cure the effects of hemorrhoids, one should use a different sitting position on the toilet.These professionals suggest:First, when you sit on the toilet, have the toes and ball of the foot on the floor, but the heels raised up in the air.Second, lean forward and rest your arms on your knees.Third, let nature takes it’s course, don’t force.Provided you have kept to a fiber rich diet and or used supplements to keep your bowel motions soft – be careful as certain herbal remedies can damage the bowel – the bowel should evacuate quickly, easily and fully. Remember to drink more water if adding fibre supplements to your diet – the fiber absorbs the moisture to create the soft bulky stool.This simple strategy helps to avoid straining, which is good, as straining causes hemorrhoids. Straining puts undue pressure on the rectum area, which means the blood vessels are being pumped up with blood. This isn’t good, as sooner or later the blood vessels will weaken and some will balloon out under pressure, at which point they are called hemorrhoids.If you already have them, this approach can help to reduce their aggravation, soreness and swelling and may help prevent them from showing themselves, depending on just how bad they are.A Little Trick to stop the Pain and Discomfort :Doctors grade them on the basis of just how often and how much they show themselves, but a little trick to reduce the pain and discomfort is to just push the hemorrhoids gently back inside, where they belong. Most hemorrhoids become painful because they are being cramped and hurt while outside – they have the muscles clamping down on them to try and stop it from coming through, which is what the muscles there are for and then they have cheeks rubbing against them and so on.Seeing Your Doctor About Your Hemorrhoids and Dealing with the Embarrassment:They are also known as piles, but some use the term prolapse. Prolapse may sound something dreadful, but it’s not your intestines falling out. When we are talking hemorrhoids, the doctor is simply saying the hemorrhoid is showing itself outside your bottom.Doctors see hemorrhoid cases every day, so although it may be embarrassing for you, it’s nothing new to your doctor. If you need to, just write all your symptoms down and let the doctor read them. A sensitive doctor will ease you through the embarrassment and provide you with a proper diagnosis. Until then you are just guessing – all sorts of things have to be ruled out.About Author:sDonald and his writers have walked the walked when it comes to hemorrhoids. Everything from hemorrhoid surrgery and operations to finding the causes.

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