In Hemorrhoid treatment there is a special type of bathe for patient. He has to sit in a tub of warm water. Another kind of hemorrhoid treatment is freezing them. This is called cryotherapy. Ligation: To carry out this treatment a rubber band is tied around the Hemorrhoids affected (enlarged) vein. This restricts the blood flow, shrinks the Hemroids and makes them disappear after some time. Scleotherapy: For this, certain chemicals are injected in an effort to obtain relief from Hemorrhoids.
Hemroids treatment divided into various groups-
Hemroids Home Remedy -Mainly paying attention on relieving the symptoms of Irritation or itching linked with hemroids, providing only temporary hemroid relief. These treatments are cheaper, effective and easy to use.
Medical Hemroids Treatments-These treatments are useful when the pain or discomfort is just too much. These stronger types of hemroids treatment used for the temporary relief of hemroid pain and discomfort. This type of hemroids treatment is generally much more expensive.

Hemorrhoidectomy -
These treatments are useful when everything else fails. But there is a risk in these type of treatments. Hemorrhoidectomy for external hemroids is the only surgery option for external hemroids.