Hemroids is a disease that can happen in any age group. It appears as small lumps that occur in the lower part of the rectum as a result of swelling of the veins within the rectum. Some lumps can build up just outside the “mouth” of the anus and can easily be seen in open area. Hemroids can normally happen inside the anus or rectum and will only extend to the exterior at a later stage of the disease.

Causes of Hemroids

Hemroids generally happen because dissimilar arteries have not enough strength in their walls to support much blood pressure. For this reason, veins near the surface, without additional support of muscles and other deep structures, often become distended. Veins around the rectum do not have much support from any other tissue, so they distend easily.

Symptoms of Hemroids

Hemroids can be identified with some common symptoms like:

  • Overweight
  • Dieting
  • Fiber lacking
  • Insufficient water and fluids in the body
  • Hard labor
  • Heavy loads
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Body movement
  • Prolonged sitting

Management of Hemroids

Management of hemroids is the correction of constipation so that the stools can pass regularly and with the least possible irritation. Some peoples have lot of reflection about the practicality and need for hemroids surgery, but in some instances an operation is necessary.

For some the cost of hemroids surgery is a big blockade, and for others the awkwardness of even admitting that they have hemroids will indicate that one day they may require Hemroids surgery in any event. There are some effective creams available today that not only relieve and wear away annoyance, but also help to repair broken and crack anal skin/membranes.

Prevention of Hemroids

Hemroids can be prevented by keeping stools soft so they pass easily, thus reducing pressure, straining and to empty bowels as soon as possible after the urge occurs. You can decrease constipation and straining through exercising, walking and increase in content of diets thus producing soft stools that are easier to pass out.

Hemroids Cure

It is possible to cure Hemroids at home but in serious cases it is thoroughly recommended that you seek medical guidance. Importantly, you must remember that hemroids is a cure to a point at issue.