Hemorrhoid is a health problem where you develop cushions of tissue filled with blood vessels where the rectum and the anus join. This health condition is also known as hemorrhoids or piles. It may cause a lot of annoying discomforts for the person affected by this health problem. The symptoms that normally appear in these patients include irritation and itching at the affected area.

Though humiliating, this disease can never be a life threatening one. In most of the cases the symptoms will vanish within a few days if you take care of the problem in the right way. The symptoms of internal hemorrhoids include the appearance of stool with a blood covering or blood stains on toilet paper. If the internal hemorrhoids come out of the anus, it may become irritating and highly painful for the patient.

Increased straining during bowel movements, frequent constipation, obesity, and diarrhea are the known causes of this health problem. Women may develop this condition during pregnancy.

How to cure hemorrhoids completely is a problem faced by most of the patients suffering from this health problem. The treatments now available for this disease vary in their cost, risk and effectiveness. People belonging to different cultures approach this problem in different ways. Most of the people who suffer from this problem depend upon local treatments that they get from their areas to treat this disease. Many others experiment with the no prescription medicines now available in the market.

Drinking more fluids and eating food enriched with fiber will help you a lot to prevent and to cure mild attacks of piles. Regular exercise and practicing better toilet habits are the other preventive measures to be taken by a patient suffering from piles.

As such there exists no special treatment for curing this problem completely. However the local treatments including warm stiz bath and using bidets may help you to improve the situation. The other methods of treatment that are practiced by the patients of piles include extendable shower head and cold compress. Application of topical analogies such as Nupercainal may help you to get rid of the problem temporarily.

Some people adopt a method of puncturing vitamin E capsule into the affected area with the help of a push pin. This method may help you to get relief from the problem. To get the best results repeat the process twice a day.