Lyrics – These days everybody wanna take drugs, Look tough sniffing it up thinking it looks good, take stuff in the toilet to the back of the club, in the cubicle girls thinking its beautiful looking, messed up ya make up, break up relationships guess what, your nose is looking like danielle westbrooks, Im fed up with excuses they’ll never admit it there addicted i no you only did it cuz your mates did it, and they get it off there boyfriends best mates, and they sniff it, off there face an wasted idiot listen, you dont even know whats in it, get it coke thats sniffin up your nose its flour and baking powder really im so serious go get this number 0800 77 66 00 ” Thanks but im not a beak head i only do it at the weekends if i need it” Chorus – All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom Gone to powder there nose when they pass you 10minutes later when your in there waiting, thinking there doing there make up sniff sniff your just a “beak head” o my god your just a “beak head” no im not your just a “beak head” you sound like my mum, your just a “beak head” a weekends for fun. Verse 2 These days these girls in the club under age get pissed they go kiss there best mates drunk text your ex with spelling mistakes end up regreating it forgetting they did it the next day something like “are you awake” “what are you up to” no reply with in a minute you get a missed call ignoring it they call again look at there messages and dont remember any of it. Chorus 2 All the girls