Okay.. i’m an average, 14 year old boy, my father killed himself, & there has been alott of trouble throughout my family… Okay i get realy depressed easily lately too.. Okay, umm, This might be weird..butt the last 5-6-7 days my anus hasent been feeling right.. It has gotten itchy, & now it is paining a bit now.. & i keep on thinking its a Hemmroid, or somthing very serious thats the way i am, & im afraid that people wont like me & ill loose freinds if it is, i never had any sex.. Im a responsiable,Teen, & i am really hard to get sick.. I have a very good amune system..& im getting depressed, because if it is a hemmroid, then im affraid that, im the only one that has it out of all my freinds..& that im alone, & that it can never be cured, at all just treated.:( Im getting really depressed. I always doo abiout this kind of stuff, is hemmroids a big deal, &can it bee cured for good..& I have a girlfreind, which makes me feel amazing..&if i get a Hemroid,will she break it between us:(..

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